"Amanda Chiado's poem 'Honey in Fur' builds itself towards a crescendo of word images that take artfully unexpected snapshots of sexual desire.

-Michael Alexander Chaney, Fugitive Vision

"Amanda Chiado has an uncanny ability to land on the word that is both fitting and unexpected. With their vivid sensory details and subtle musicality, her poems demonstrate a serious attention to craft while still feeling tremendously alive." 

 -Laura Garrison, Jersey Devil Press

Amanda Chiado

"Amanda Chiado is a force to be reckoned with. In her poems you might find zombies, guns and knives, a certain sexiness and edge, even Houdini. You never really know what to expect in a Chiado poem, except that you'll be surprised and unsettled."

-Cathy Barber, Poet & Humorist

Poet. W‚Äčriter. Teacher. Arts Advocate.